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Saturday, 12 July 2014

As if straight from the pages of a glossy interiors magazine, The Governor's Table is a haven for design buffs. Come with a keen eye or better still, an empty stomach and you'll be rewarded handsomely. TGT is the revamped diner of the Museum of Sydney, oft overlooked since the flashy refurbishment of the Museum of Contemporary Art smack bang on Sydney Harbour. The smaller venue and  more intimate dining space are just a few of its many charms.

One of the dishes of the night, a rather smashing mushroom gnocchi with pesto

Taking cues from the sandstone original, design mob Inochi DesignLife have transformed the space into a fully functional bar and restaurant that stays open all day. With splashes of Scandinavian influence in the mismatched timber chairs, the space speaks to its roots with liberal use stone and wood. A sixteen seat French oak dining table is the restaurant's centrepiece adorned with native Australian blooms. It fits like a glove, to say the least.

The happy juxtaposition of old and new makes for a pretty gorgeous dining room and bar Source: The Governor's Table

Behind the stoves the talent isn't really lacking either, Tim Ryan (ex-Aria and Chiswick) has honed a menu that is rather on point. With plates that are easy to share, Ryan's modern interpretation of classic flavours add another element of interest. The menu is wide ranging from ricotta hotcakes (for a cheeky breakfast) to formal banquet style dining (for groups over 10), you barely need an excuse to come here. On top of that, the drinks list is not too shabby, with aptly named cocktails like 'Waratah' and 'The Governor's Rum' and draught beers from Sydney Brewery on tap. 

To kick the night off: duck liver parfait, beetroot pickle (left) and grilled king prawns, salsa verde and aioli (right). The parfait was slightly on the more grainy side which is a great shame because the beets were gorgeously prepared. The grilled prawns run the race of the entrées, being perfectly grilled and charry (so moorish).  Aïoli features in almost every bar snack and entrée here, and with good reason - it's pretty damn well amazing

Wild mushroom, taleggio & truffle arancini, pecorino. These arancini were some of the best I've eaten of late, losing all the glugginess that dominates other versions. You can't taste the truffle but it hardly matters

Another star of the show: snow crab, roast tomatoes, saffron rouille, semolina noodles. A preview photograph off the website was all it took and I was convinced. A winning combination from the start, the fine threads of crab were mixed well with the noodles and a very light dressing to let the ingredients do all the work. Simple, really!

Braised beef short rib, parsnip purée, gentlemen's relish. A bit of mystery surrounds what exactly 'gentlemen's relish' is - a few drinks later and it might be a euphemism. The beef itself was a bit unevenly cooked being chewy in some parts but then medium-rare in others. The parsnip chips on the other hand practically flew off the plate

Mamma mia, that gnocchi was good. Potato gnocchi, slippery jacks, rocket sauce, pecorino. Cooked in water, then finished off in a pan with butter (well, one could only presume). Slightly crispy but soft inside, it makes for a pretty fine dish. The rocket pesto and mushies were just an added bonus

Ice cream & dulce de leche sandwich. A little morsel of sweetness to round off the meal. As you can well imagine, it was rather sweet on sweet (but we asked for it). It's no Reuben Hills' 'Doggs breakfast' but you know, a decent effort

The Governor's Table dishes out in spades is what the CBD has been crying out for; a stylish café/restaurant for the hungry masses. This is modern Australian food done really well, without the hugely inflated price tag that you'll find about two blocks over (read: Circular Quay or Bridge Lane). Already boasting indoor/outdoor dining, TGT is on the verge of opening up its second stage with many more tables. I actually quite like the cosy version 1.0 but what can you do. These are exciting times for the MoS. With these sorts of quality venues sprouting up (The Mint's Bistro is yet another), the future's looking bright for us Sydneysiders. 

Okay, so it's no Vogue Living spread but I'm paying homage nonetheless. Get a bunch of friends or family together and you could have yourselves a cracking dinner party, and no washing up to boot! Win-win.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. So as I was drooling over the pic's in Vogue, you had already hotfooted it there..lucky! Definitely a must when next in Sydney.

  2. next time I'm back at home in sydney i definitely will be hitting this place up.. that truffle arancini look to die for - thanks for sharing a great find!

  3. I think I need to come here for their arancini and gnocchi! It was nice seeing you tonight again :)



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