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Friday, 4 April 2014

Luxe Bakery Café

195 Missenden Road, Newtown

Credit: Sophie Roberts (Broadsheet Sydney)

As if Sydney didn't already have enough cafés but perhaps Luxe can claim to be one of the originals. With multiple branches around town, Luxe Newtown is also the site of their bakery, a converted 5-bedroom house on Missenden Road (alrighty then). If it weren't for the big love heart adorning it's side wall you might totally miss it. If there is no wiggle room in Campos (the coffee aromas coming from that place are off the charts...) then Luxe is surely your best bet. That or Black Star Pastry, Brewtown Newtown (with their  enticing pistachio affogatos at The Affogato Shack) or 212 Blu...Plenty of choices!

Tea smoked ocean trout omelette, creme fraîche and trout roe. A sure-fire winner in my book and very pleasing to the eye!

My only gripe with this café is that it becomes super heated in the summer heat. The ceiling fans do little but circulate that hot air around. Yes, I did resort to fanning myself like a lunatic. Maybe it's oven firing out the back, churning out great organic sourdough loaves to envy the baking big wigs. There's also a good variety of pastries for the sweet tooth. Scrawled on the blackboard menu is a standard selection of eggs, eggs with carbs, eggs with protein, carbs and more (you get the picture). The brekkie and brunch service easily rolls into lunch time and with coffee like that, you'll soon be grinning ear to ear.

The one stop shop for your daily bread Credit: Sophie Roberts (Broadsheet Sydney)

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Twig Cafe

357 Cleveland St, Redfern

The perfect hangover cure: grilled sardines, baked egg, haloumi, avocado and whole grain bread. Plain awesome

Finding inspiration in London's Petersham Nurseries, Richard and Rainey Francis' Twig Cafe shares the green oasis of Garden Life. The result is a relaxed urban café surrounded by water features and greenery aplenty. You can tell by the crowds milling outside and number of dogs tied outside the popularity of this place amongst locals. The menu is 'classic' breakfast with a few Twig twists. They are well known for their Egg in the Basket and house made Toasted Date and Walnut Brioche (served with ricotta and wild honey). What's more the prices are quite acceptable for these parts. Make tracks...

A simple interior with a lovely outlook onto the garden Credit: George Popov (Broadsheet Sydney)

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