Snapshot: Vicchysoisse

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Literally, a snap shot for this one ;)

Vichyssoise (ty spell check!) adapted from delicious. Simply the Best (great cookbook by the way, with nice food styling). Qu'est ce que c'est vichyssoise? It's essentially a rich and creamy potato and leek soup, traditionally served cold. It's amazing what a change in the temperature can do to a soup. You'd think the potato/cream soup would be quite heavy but this is great served in small bowls - just as a palate refresher. It's the perfect starter for a summer's day lunch and super easy to whip up if you have a stick blender. Bon appetit!

Can't get enough of the macro setting from my new camera. P.S. garnish of pepper, extra virgin olive oil, paprika and dill sprigs

This one was on the menu for xmas lunch and went down a treat. You'll need a couple of bowl top-ups, methinks.


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