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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Boy, does Sydney love weekends (I sure do anyway). A time to delve into those first world problems like, "Pinot or Sauv Blanc?" or "Where to go next?". Walsh Bay, a veritable arts hub by the harbour is the home of a new swathe of eateries to cater for all your pre-show cravings. Home of yet-another-branch-of-Fratelli-Fresh, here are a few others you should give a whirl.

The Theatre Bar at the End of the Wharf

Level 2, The Wharf Pier 4
Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

A mess hall with style, taking advantage of the magnificent vantage point and light. Interiors by Studio R Architecture

There are no prizes for the naming of this bar but it was also the obvious choice. At once descriptive but the task of finding this joint was epic. Google maps was even befuddled telling us we were walking on water...awesome. Basically, just go upstairs into the Wharf Theatre and trace your way down the STC's Hall of Fame. The Bar at the End of the Wharf is your all purpose venue for drinks, nibbles and more drinks. Lap up the sunset and enjoy the company on the balcony over a share plate or many. 

Sydney casual cool at it's very best Credit: Concrete Playground

The bar/restaurant is a pretty brilliant business move if you ask me. It's open 6 days a week and caters for the theatre crowd and walk-ins. The interiors are simple with a dash of Melbourne but with sweeping views of the Harbour Bridge (take that!). I'm so glad I came because it's been on the list for an age (totally worth the pilgrimage haha). Prepare to while away the hours, watching the sail boats go by with a whopping big smile on your dial. 

Lotus Dumpling Bar

3/16 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

A rather slick interior taking notes from Mr Wong in the city Credit: Good Food

If you have the need for speed before a show, then Lotus Dumpling Bar is your answer. Chef Lucy Luo takes the reins in the kitchen offering a neat selection of dumplings to whet your appetite. They also have the famed xiao long bao (which I've saved for another day) as well as larger mains to share: roasted BBQ duck, steamed fish with ginger and shallot and stir-fried noodles. All of this sits alongside a drinks menu that's enough to make you weak at the knees. Cocktails at lunch? You might feel so inclined at Lotus.

Jade seafood dumpling - fresh dumpling with prawn, king oyster mushroom and snow peas in spinach flavoured dough. Pretty little morsels filled with fresh prawns. The dipping sauces were pure magic; a mix of soy, vinegar and chilli XO style sauce with sesame seeds

Mixed mushroom dumpling - fresh dumpling stuffed with fillings crossing the European king oyster and Chinese mushroom with fresh vegetables. Lovely translucent dumpling skins with the perfect texture

Scallop & vegetable shu-mai - open dumpling stuffed with scallop and fresh vegetables and king oyster mushroom. Handmade and so delicious

Crispy eggplant with honey & Serrano chilli - topped with pan fried sesame seeds, dried onion and Chinese coriander. This dish was the crowning glory for me, the crispy fried outside with a sweet honeyed glaze in contrast with the gooey eggplant which is almost molten. This is the winnerrr...

If you've got the time (and the room), there's Gelato Messina on the dessert menu (because we're all screaming for ice cream right now). Lotus is a great lunch or dinner option - just be aware the place errs on the teeny side so there could be a wait ;) So there we are, Walsh Bay in a nutshell. A relatively quiet spot on the harbour with panoramic views just like this...

Not too shabby! The view from the Bar at the End of the Wharf Credit: Broadsheet Sydney

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  1. Oh, you make me wanna travel the world and go to Sydney again! I've only been once and that was 10 years ago - on our honeymoon…

  2. I'm with Sonja…I must get to Sydney! This is my kind of place. :) Beautiful documentation!



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