4Fourteen (Finally)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Can I just say that it took me 1 year to get to this place (WHAT is going on)! 4Fourteen has been on my to-eat list for aages so I'm happy to be able to report back. I must admit the hoards of the dining public are a little bit daunting, so thank goodness you can book a table like a civilized person. Chef Colin Fassnidge is melting hearts with every scowl and grumbled critique #MKR and satisfying our winter appetites. With Four in Hand he has forged a solid reputation for simple, hearty dishes cooked with great respect for the product. Along with the likes of Fergus Henderson, he's a nose-to-tail kind of guy.

The restaurant interior: casual with a splash of industrial. I think I've inadvertently achieved a vignette effect here (go me haha)

The restaurant fits very snugly into Sydney's dining scene and the menu is very much tailored towards the cooler months. 4Fourteen is the kind of place you can go to any time of day, this is only one part of the endless appeal to Sydneysiders. Be warned your vegetarian friends will be none too pleased to be chomping down on a bowl of mashed potato and some cabbage leaves (eep)...unleash the carnivore!

Platter-tastic: Suckling Pig Sunday Lunch.  Suckling pig leg, colcannon (creamy potatoey goodness), roasted carrots, pickled cabbage, gravy and a dollop of apple crème. That pork was divine + super tender - the end result of a perfect slow roast. It was slightly luke warm however, would have liked it heated up just a tad. If this doesn't spell out winter I'm not sure what does!

When we were seated we were greeted with the sight of the whole suckling pig (gorgeous!) resting on the counter. Talk about good marketing. Completely unmissable. As the afternoon wore on, we would gradually see the suckling pig being carved up and carted to the open kitchen as the orders flowed in. That would have made a good time lapse shot.

Blurry pork goodness, missing it's hindquarters i.e. on my plate

Teetering on the edge: the roasted lamb shoulder with a fine herb crust. This dish just begs you to grab a fork and dig in. The lamb was cooked just right. I couldn't help but make comparisons to the Chiswick lamb (which has the edge over this one) 

A salad of lentils, puffed wheat and fresh herbs. Dee-licious!

& finally some notes on...DOLCE

Harking back to the days when you'd buy Golden Gaytime from the corner shop for $1.50 (a huge sum of money back in the day!)...Peanut butter popsicle with honeycomb. A banana laced ice cream and tiny shards of yummy honeycomb

White chocolate sandwich with dulce de leche. I must say that Sydney has developed a bit of an excessively sweet tooth. This dessert was the very definition of sweetness (yikes). The dulce de leche thing is a bit of a rip off from Reuben Hills, an unecessary component to the dish I think. But it is so pretty!

I was a little bit saddened to see a notable omission from the dessert menu: apple doughnuts!! I had heard so much about these and was pretty keen to try (waah), but I'll get over it. All in all, 4Fourteen = a great dining experience. No wonder there is always such a battle to get a table here. No fuss, good great Brit food in the heart of hipster Sydney - a winning formula if there ever was one.

Thanks for reading!
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