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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Phoneticising paella (look! i just made up a word). Yes, I feel a bit of a tool for saying it this way but that's just how it goes. Sort of like my gripe with "macaron" - it's mack-ah-ron not macaroon. I'm sure I would feel at home in Spain, rolling all my R's and speaking with an oh-so-sexy lisp or should i say listhp. Speaking of which, my tickets are booked for a trip to fair España in December. Olé! Can't wait to try out all the culinary delights (hello Michelin *s!) and my non-existent Spanish. 

Spanish cuisine is one of my absolute favourites because it is just so damn scrumptious. 'Nuff said. What would my world be without tapas, churros, sangria or paella? Empty I'm telling you. Well lucky I found this little baby then:

Sí, por favor...Paella Valenciana with chicken, runner and butter beans, rosemary and lashings of lemon juice. All caramelised and plenty tasty. And the ever important crust was there!
This fine specimen was found at the "Jamon Jamon" stall 89 at the Portobello Road markets in London (oh, how I miss you!). There was also a seafood variety with mussels, prawns, squid and peas which also looked delectable. There's basically no possible way that you can make your way through the markets without a) walking on somebody's heels who is moving at a GLACIAL pace and b) smelling the intoxicating scents of paella wafting in your direction. Irresistible! And check, this out:

The mothership - let me put this into perspective for you. The paella pans at this joint were the size of tables. TABLES!
Multi-tasking: 3 batches on the go make for hard work (and easy eating). Look at the guy with the blue beanie in the background...stunned! They were selling like hotcakes when they were ready. Each serve was enough to feed 2 people handsomely (given you've lightly sampled your way through the market prior) - and all for less than a tenner. Win!
Hasta luego (until then)!
P.S. Don't you just love the internets? You have entire languages at your fingertips!


  1. That's my stall! Thank you so much for the awesome post, I can't believe I only found it almost a year later ... lunch on me next time you're in Portobello Market :-)

    1. Wow, thanks Nick! You're very kind. I wasn't lying about your paella, even after my trip to Spain!



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