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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hello folks. I thought I'd drop a line (or several as it turns out). I came across this video via Smith Journal (a cracking good read for the new age sensitive guys and gals). It's a mini-doco about how a dish comes together at the Royal Mail Hotel - winner of countless Awards for dining in Regional Australia. 

P.S. if my technological prowess has reached new highs (meaning, lows) click here for the video URL

Set in the Southern Grampians, the restaurant is in an idydllic location offering fine views of the ranges in Victoria with a kitchen garden/farm to boot. I mean, what's not to like people?

Like a scene straight out of Palm Springs. The Royal Mail Hotel has made a name for itself in recent years. Photo credit Australian GT

The Journey of a Dish was made by film maker Sarah-Jane Woulahan (giving credit where credit is due), interviewing head chef Dan Hunter about his food philosophy. The concept of 'food miles' is crucial to this film; sourcing produce from the immediate surrounds to complement what is grown on site. Many producers including those of oil, cheese and pork feature in the story.

The man of the hour. The Age's 2012 Chef of the Year, Dan Hunter. Now, where can I get me a pair of those food tweezers? Photo credit Australian GT

The film presents a deconstruction of the following  menu:

Tomato on toast, handmade sheep's milk ricotta
Eel and bone marrow, eggplant with pickled vegetables (the so-called signature dish)
Rare breed pancetta
It sounds simple but looks can be deceiving, hey...

Just delightful: to look at and to eat (i'm thinking 99.9% probability here). Presenting, eel and bone marrow with pickled vegetables. What can I say, other than "On y va!" Photo credit Australian GT
Personally, I can't think of a finer excuse to set off for the weekend for some countryside galavanting and feasting. As if I needed another reason to fly back to Melbs ;) Thanks for reading



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