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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Isn't incredible that we are already approaching the start of Spring. August has ended with weeks of rain and blustery winds but today was something else. A clear blue sky day conducive to outdoor pursuits, a swim in the ocean or a long leisurely walk. Talk about weekend revival. With coffee in hand, once you take a sip everything seems right in the world - if only for a second. Today's post is another instalment of my cafe snapshot series. There's plenty more where that came from...!

Anvil Coffee Co

Holbrook Avenue, Kirribilli

Walk straight towards the ferry wharf and you'll find this place where you'd least expect. With a beat up pallet finish, Anvil pays homage to shabby chic (emphasis on shabby)

Anvil Coffee Co opened in late 2013 with little ceremony, literally inhabiting a nook of Kirribilli ferry wharf. Like a barnacle, it seems to have unwittingly found itself perched where waves lap quietly below. The whole concept of a café suspended over the water is rather magnificent.  And for the local ferry commuter, a god-send. The menu is sharp and succinct where magic words 'poached eggs!' and 'pulled pork!' lend an easy appeal. Pair that with some solid coffee and you've got a charming harbour oasis. But sssh, let's keep it our little secret.

Before I knew it, my soy cappuccino was already gone. I could have almost convinced myself to have another!

The Antonio: Spanish style baked beans, pulled pork, a fried egg with grated manchego and sourdough toast. Something I'd love to make at home but just 'never get around to', this dish was the perfect way to start the day. Hearty and healthy, well sort of

Buttered Arabian Eggs: poached eggs, Greek yogurt, garlic, chilli & lemon juice burnt butter with mint on sourdough. Simply and elegant, this dish represents everything you'd want in poached eggs. I must say though at $16, this veggo option is a bit steep

How to make the most of beautiful Sydney Harbour, getting schooled at Anvil Coffee Co
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Lox Stock & Barrel

140 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi Beach

Pumpkin salad with kale, quinoa, red cabbage, cucumber, carrot & spinach with sesame & miso dressing. With the addition of hot smoked ocean trout, this salad is taken to great heights. Just a really nice combination, vibrant, fresh and feel-good

Ah Bondi, how I've missed you. I always find myself waiting way too long between visits because it really is a lovely spot (and world famous with good reason). Home of barefoot surfer types, bleached hair and real-fake tans; Bondi locals take coffee and brunch rather seriously. With eyes firmly set on whole foods and promoting 'farm to table' eating, Lox Stock & Barrel is a deli with a difference. With some loose Jewish influences, LSB is cranking out some very fine sandwiches (read: bagels!) and delicious salads. And to further sweeten the deal, they're now open for dinner 4 nights a week. Why do we even bother to cook at home?! Be warned though, the weekend queues aren't to be sniffed at.

Pretty in blue: my obligatory cappuccino, a fair effort by LSB

Grilled, spiced Albacore tuna panini with jalapeños, miso dressed slaw and cucumber. The tuna was cooked well to medium-rare. The biggest challenge was actually eating the thing trying to avoid sandwich-filling spillage. First. World. Problems.

Hot smoked ocean trout salad with beetroot, freekah (I just love typing that), rocket, shaved fennel, mint, zucchini, caramelised walnuts with lemon & buttermilk dressing. This one was a masterclass in modern salad making. Gone are the days of garden salads with boring lettuce, tomato and cucumber! The caramelised walnuts basically sealed the deal, so nice

Yes, it's a bit of a squeeze but LSB does some great food and is probably worth the wait
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