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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

120 Hardware St, Melbourne

It would be embarrassing to tell you how long we spent traipsing up and down Hardware Ln/St trying to find this place. Signposted with 'Mini Marché', Hardware Société is a double shopfront café brimming with patrons. Hardly the rough and tumble industrial block I was expecting, Hardware is a picture of French daintiness. Decked out with high hanging fluoro yellow lamps and shelves of fresh bread, preserves and foodie gifts the challenge is to find a stool on which to perch on. Bon chance!

This businessman has inadvertently taken centre stage, waiting for a coffee of some descript Photo credit: Breakfast Out

With glowing reviews across the air waves and inter-webs, I was happy to be in good hands. With a fusion-type menu, there is a bit of French and Spanish thrown in the mix i.e. the makings for a delicious breakfast or lunch. Dishes are seasonal with daily specials and new classics that people keep returning for. The service was good, geared towards fast turnover (but that I cannot fault).

Fish of the Day: pan fried snapper, prawn and fennel remoulade, shiitake and saffron broth ($21). Mind blown. This was a fish dish for royalty - so many layers, textures and totally refreshing (getting my veggie quota for the day). A plate of YUM.

Twice cooked pork belly: shallot & almond puree, mixed grain salad, apple & cider jus. A smart move by café standards, bung a tray of pork to slow cook for hours and voilá you have dynamite. Tender pork that you can tackle with a fork. The salad added a lovely texture but I would love more of that beautiful sauce please!

Baked Eggs: chorizo, potato, piquillo peppers, mahon cheese, toasted almonds, aioli. The go-to for Hardware this dish is surely one of their most popular

Hardware Société ticks all the boxes, with something for everyone it has been a stalwart for several years. Sadly, the café was damaged quite badly by smoke from a fire next-door in mid November. Co-owners (another husband & wife team) Will & Di are currently focussing their efforts at their second cafe, Bowery to Williamsburg. I am sure that Hardware will bounce back in good time!

The scripted logo Photo credit: The Bakeanista

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  1. Ha it's always frustrating when you walk up and down a street trying to find that hidden nook! this place has been on my list for ages - will have to check it out on my next trip to melbs!



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