Yellow House Pop Up

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Potts Point. It's a veritable minefield of restaurants, cafés and bars with residents that are so au fait it hurts. Too many times the spontaneity of a night is turned to dust when you are turned away from venue after venue which is retched! So here I'm letting you in on a place that takes bookings (and open for brekkie, lunch and dinner)! Win.

Housed in one of the most recognisable buildings on Macleay St, formerly home of a collective of Aussie artists. Source: Tim Denoon (via FB)

Yellow House Pop Up on Macleay St (close to Macleay St Bistro) is owned and run by a couple of mates Jamie Morgan (chef) & Ben Sutton. The venue is superb to say the least. Unfortunately, I can't elaborate on the true 'pop-up status' of YHPU (it's been open 6 months now) but you'd better get in quick anyway for your own piece of mind ;) Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner it transitions effortlessly from day to night. It's perfect for large groups slash functions too...long table anyone?

I heard about this place through a friend of a friend. It seems like word of mouth is a major player (so here's my contribution, haha). The boys run a pretty tight ship, the front of house are very knowledgable about their menu and wine list which is always a bonus. I'm usually agreeable to a wine recommendation + I wasn't disappointed here. And now to the kitchen:

Wagyu tongue, brown butter yoghurt, enoki mushrooms, red sorrel. This was a great way to start the night, the slithers of tongue were cooked really nicely. You don't think twice about the tongue factor! The crunch from the mushrooms add the perfect textural element

The menu you'll be pleased to hear is very seasonal. The dishes we ordered on the night just cried out AUTUMN + they sounded delicious. After stepping out of our comfort zone with the wagyu tongue we re-entered well trodden territory with gnocchi. Oh yes.

LUSH. Presenting the gnocchi, jerusalem artichoke (!), cavolo nero, peas, parmesan. These gigantic 'European pillows' of gnocchi were heavenly (fluffy ++). The abundance of greens goes really well with the dish to lighten it up. And that artichoke purée - could we have MORE please? :)

Okay so this (photo) didn't turn out exactly as planned. Anywho, the Pièce de Résistance: duck cooked three ways. Sous vide and pan fried breast, confit leg and roasted quince stuffed with wild rice, hazelnut and slow cooked duck neck. This dish was all about the duck, a complete showcase (cooked perfectly mind you)!

A second shot thrown in for good measure, seeing as my camera didn't want to focus! Hah, blame the equipment (that's right). The stuffed quince was parfait, love the filling of hazelnuts & rice too. Source: Yellow House Pop Up (FB)

 DOLCE (total no brainer):

Chocolate delice, banana, honey ice cream and ginger bread. The perfect ending to an enjoyable feed. All the elements work harmoniously together for a dessert that ticks all the boxes. The delice with its moussey texture just melted in the mouth

All the food looks great because it is, simple as that. These boys know what they're doing and they've delivered a neat (often elusive) package of service + seasonal food that packs a punch. The inclusion of lots of ingredients not usually seen on menus was also very welcome (hello, Quince!). A new force on the Sydney food scene to be reckoned with.

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  1. I always love reading the new places which are popping up in Sydney. And this one looks and sounds pretty damn good.



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