Monday, 3 December 2012

Ahoy hoy!
Just a quickie from me today ;)
Apologies for my absence (did ya miss me?), I have been off galavanting in the Pacific (more on that later). Earlier this week I finally had a chance to check out a cafe that is literally in my hood (5 minute walk anyone?). That would be La Casa de Wilbur a.k.a Wilbur's Place, in Potts Point.

Sydney, becoming more 'Melbournified' by the second has seen a flurry of cafes and bars opening in impossible to find laneways. Laneways? In Sydney? Never!! WP is about the size of 3 holes in the wall. With some bar seating inside and 3 communal tables outside, I am positive that there'd be standing room only on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Lucky it was a Thursday ;) Named after the Piggy in Charlotte's Web, Wilbur's was opened by the crew behind Bourke Street Bakery. Looks like they've struck again!

Great things come in small packages. Perched upon a stool inside, you are at a perfect vantage point to watch the comings and goings of Potts Point. Loove it! Source: Wilbur's Place

But wait, it gets better! Not only do they do an all-day brekkie on Saturdays, they also open for dinner AND have a liquor license (boom)! Another patron was heard saying (not that quietly) that they had polished off seven bottles of wine there one night. Err...kudos? So the cafe-cum-bar diner is born!

Now what would a cafe visit be without a coffee? Pointless.

A soy latte was on the cards I think. The coffee was great, ticking all the right boxes. How cool is the polaroid effect? I've discovered this awesome app. If you hadn't guessed by now, I'm pretty old school (note school, not skool)!

Salad of the day: chicken with green grapes, frisée lettuce and fregola. Ain't it pretty? I haven't actually tried fregola before *gasp* but I'd love to some day. Maybe next time?

Oh em GEEE@! Sheer genius: the suckling pig roll, mustard pickles, dill mayo & pickles. Me and it are a match made in heaven... I've had a few pork sandwiches in my time, the pulled pork roll by The Table Sessions @ Pyrmont markets, the Cuban slow roasted pork panini @ Lonsdale Street Roasters (frontrunner in the Canberra cafe 'stakes') and this one. They all run a tight race but I think this snatches it by a whisker. It was really, truly delicioso! The crackling on the top + the pickles seal. the. deal.

It wouldn't be me if I didn't include a dessert to end a post. I am determined to set things right so here we are! It would've been rude not to order the famed ice cream sandwich that I had heard so many (good) things about.

Talk about packing a wallop! This was quite a big ask to put this one away at lunch time (yes, even for me). Presenting: toasted brioche ice cream sandwich with caramel. Carefully divided, we picked at this with spoons to reveal a lovely chunky cookies and cream ice. The brioche was sliced thin enough to be able to enjoy the filling more. The sweet caramel gave it a terrific sheen (and extra sweetness, as if we needed it)! I was rather glad to be sharing this one.

Well! What can I say other than I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Wilbur a little better, what with his old school taste in music e.g. Louis Armstrong and wide open windows (all the better for us to people watch through)! Cheap and cheerful triumphs in the Inner East.

Thanks for reading! xo
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  1. that tile of crackling!!! I want it! I need it!

  2. Your blog is amazing! I'm loving it :)

  3. I just stumbled in here accidently and I must say..that is the sweetest little you in the upper right corner ;) and OMG the ice-cream sandwich looks crazy good. I realize now that we eat far to little icecream sandwiches in Sweden ;)

  4. ahh this all looks so good


  5. The suckling pig roll has my name all over it. Another food destination to add to the summer holiday list!
    Thanks for sharing.



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