Sal-mon, mon

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Here's a quickie from me,
I've just discovered this video from Freunde von Freunden, a great little site documenting people (often creatives...when will scientists have their moment?) and their homes, sort of like The Selby Deutsche style. 

This clip documents the life of Ole-Martin Hansen; salmon-smoker, Norwegian, dapper gentleman.  He is chipping away in North London running the business, Hansen & Lydersen that specializes in smoked salmon. He uses a traditional Norwegian recipe that has been passed down through the generations since 1923 (cheers, great grandpop). It warms my heart ;)

Hello Sailor: Hansen at the entrance to his fishy abode. Photo credit: T Magazine, NY Times

The film is directed by Nikolaj Belzer  and very reminiscent of Jiro Dreams of Sushi which I wrote about a little earlier this year (see here). The clip is accompanied by tinkering piano music (composed by Edvard Grieg) and lush shots of salmon fillets (naturally!) and 'the process', which look amazing y'all. The salmon is sourced specially from Denmark's Faroe Islands, a positively  idyllic location to set-up-farm. Everything coming out of London these days makes me miss it even more!

Gosh, could you imagine? Other salmons should just go now. Where to? Nobody knows. Photo credit: Maltby St Market

The film continues on to show us Hansen's home, literally a cabin built upstairs from his manufactory. It's much like a timber bunker/Scandinavian sauna if you ask me! It's nice being able to scamper up to the roof though and take scope of things (meditative, I know!). Take note of his boots by the way - I want a pair haha! His accent is also very endearing, Ole pronounces salmon "sal-mon" and kiln "killen", very sweet. Hansen philosophizes about achieving one's dream(s) and being the best at what you do. It's something to be immensely proud of, being 'trusted' in your craft. 

Badge of Honour: the business logo, where salmon is king. Right: smoked salmon on sourdough with creme fraiche and dill - a little taster Ole sells at the markets. P.S. one of my most FAVOURITE lunches/snacks in the world. Photos: T magazine, NY Times

Londoners and foodie tourists alike can flock to find Ole's salmon at Maltby Street Market and eateries such as Gail's (much like Bills here in Oz), Nopi (by Yotam Ottolenghi, one of my Bri-ish food heros) and the Albion caff (Shoreditch, read: too 'trendy' for words). I think I've given Mr Hansen a plug and a half - enjoy the video!

Left: salt curing salmon with salt sourced from Guérande, France and Right: Juniper smoking chips Photos: T Magazine, NY Times

In case I've left you wanting more, there's also a 3 minute sound byte that Ole has recorded for Todd, 'The' Selby. Check it here.

And finally! Todd asks Ole...

Thanks for reading! x


  1. Oh, this makes me so sad that I'm pregnant and can't have smoked salmon! I LOVE it. The smoked salmon in Pike Place Market in Seattle is a favorite of mine.

  2. I really enjoyed the film - thanks so much for the tip! I have never actually heard anyone say 'I am a salmon smoker' before, even though I live in Sweden! Cool introduction if ever there was one! Now I feel I need to nip out to the fish huts tomorrow and buy some fresh smoked salmon. Mmmmm.

    1. I always love with these videos to be reminded of the 'simple life'. Smoked salmon will always be a perennial favourite!

  3. nice post..and a wonderful blog..I love it..

  4. That video is gorgeous. Thank you for introducing it to me! (And your captcha is too hard! It keeps telling me I'm not human.)

    1. Haha, unfortunately it's out of my hands! I often find myself refreshing it several times over before i can decipher the thing!



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