My Hungarian Oxheart and Other Spoils

Sunday, 17 June 2012

It is my pleasure to share with you the spoils of a cool, drizzly morning spent at Eveleigh Markets @ Carriageworks. See my previous words on Farmer's Markets in Sydney here. Mon pรจre and I spent a substantial amount of time doing laps of the marketplace, doing recon of which kale looked the best, who has the nicest carrots (heirloom, naturally) and choosing amongst a dozen or so different potato varieties. Simple pleasures...

Getting the good stuff, we left sans sourdough and organic meat this time which is slightly unusual but otherwise we had the pick of the crop. Beautifully fresh, flat leaf parsley, purple heirloom carrots, potatoes by the kg (Rideau and Red Norland), baby leeks and some breakfast goods (muesli and yoghurts - pomegranate & guava). The cream is from Country Valley Dairy from Picton and the churned  butter (it ain't cheese!) from Pepe Saya
 Ay Carumba! This mother is a Hungarian Oxheart tomato. It's probably the size equivalent of about 4 regular tomatoes combining to form MEGA-MATO. The grower recommended this one for my minestrone (the plan) for it's robust flavour and meatiness - i don't doubt it!
Be still my beating heart: the weigh in. It tipped the scale at almost a kilogram. And look at the dimple! Just as mother nature intended, many of these heirloom veggies have lots of knobbly bits (sometimes resembling certain bodily appendages), psychedelic colourations and unusual shapes (like this bad boy). A bit of quirk never hurt anyone ;) 
I think I'm going to have fun cooking up this swag. Have an enjoyable Sunday - the perfect day for lazing in pyjamas and home cooking with family. There's more to come! xo


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