Snapshot: Berry, NSW

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I had no idea how restorative a weekend in the country would be and I think Berry was the perfect place for it. Australia is known for its sweeping sandy beaches and alluring coastline but there are some great getaways to be had if you meander inland. The Hunter Valley (wine country for the uninitiated), for example is unmissable if you're into that sort of thing. 

The spread put on by the Berry Tea Shop. A big EY-O!

Berry has its merits in creating a brilliant + jovial atmosphere on its main drag, Queen Street. Wandering down the street, ducking into cafés and boutiques at the ready you're reminded that you are officially on holiday (praise be!). You have definitely escaped the big smoke! I don't mind old-fashioned country hospitality and those never-ending winter blue skies either!

Berry Tea Shop

Shop 1, 66 Albert Street

If you're looking for the very definition of girly-girl, you need only step through these French doors. In a haven of bunting, china teacups and fruit scones (darling) this specialist boutique is all about image. And it works because I most certainly did NOT leave empty handed. I bought a spectacular Moroccan Mint Tea, no thanks to the glass 'smell jars' for you to sniff those gorgeous tea blends. If you've got the minutes, sit yourself down and enjoy a slice of Berry's finest cakes and an aromatic cuppa. So. Happy.

Milkwood Bakery

109 Queen Street

This place is basically unavoidable and a must visit. It's pretty difficult to ignore with the queue spilling out the bloody door. What's all the ruckus about? A subsidiary of the Berry Sourdough Café (23 Prince Alfred St), this place is going gangbusters with one thing only. Carbs. Whether it be breakfast or lunch when you're needing a hit, this place is ALL over it. Seriously. The fresh juices are pretty good to if you need to detox like we did post Xmas in July Feasting.

Pies up: cauliflower & pecorino, steak & caramelised onion and chicken & mushroom. The first pie was a complete stand out, such a delicious combination (unexpectedly so). We actually went back the next day for seconds but they were sold out. Drats

For the sweet-toothed (you know who you are), the lamingtons and giant chocolate macarons aren't too shabby 

Emporium Food Co.

127B Queen Street

I couldn't make a cheese collage better if I tried

Emporium Food Co. is like a foodie paradise in the delicious form of a deli/café hybrid. If you're into cheese like me, you will be caught right off guard with the amazing + international selection of cheeses there for the taking. Manchego, perhaps? Sí por favor! Guilty as charged, we walked out of there with the makings of a killer cheese/meat board. Yes, items are rather pricey but you only purchase a smidgen ;)

Couldn't pass up a shot of the cured meats display either

Some other addresses just for luck:

South on Albany
3/65 Queen Street, cnr Albany Street

Say hello to Berry's latest neighbourhood eatery. South on Albany is a bistro style restaurant serving up the region's freshest and seasonal produce. Their dining philosophy ticks all the right boxes as far as I'm concerned. If only I had the chance to try it (if it weren't for the trail blazed through our own kitchen)... Broadsheet Sydney recently reviewed the restaurant over here.

The façade in all it's symmetrically proportioned goodness. I can't help but laugh at myself sometimes Source: Broadsheet Sydney

Scullys and Co.
108 Queen Street

The quintessential country gift shop, Scullys & Co. has made a mark on Berry despite only opening last year. The decor is gorgeous and homely perfect for displaying its lavender themed trinkets. Whether it be linens, food stuffs (lavender honey anyone?) or bath products (you can never have too many soaps right?), there will definitely be something here that catches your eye.

Stop and smell the roses lavender. Source: Scullys and Co Facebook

Sew and Tell
Shop 2, 133 Queen Street

I have a rather guilty confession to make. I spent an absurd amount of time in the handicrafts/wool shop, Sew and Tell (you have to give it to them for the witty title). It was completely nuts. Admiring all the knitwear and embroidery, it was like discovering another universe. I have not made anything remotely crafty in my life - that's why I fall on photography to save myself! Check it:

It's a cracking read...

Okay I had no idea this would turn into such a monster post. Apologies (no, not really) :P

Thanks for reading!



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