B'FST, Madrid styley I

Friday, 8 March 2013

And the show rolls on, literally thanks to the Renfe ave. Though our visit to Spain's capital was to be a fleeting one, we made it count. Here's where we found ourselves seeking refuge (read: caffeine) from the chill of those winter mornings...

Olivia Te Cuida

Santa Teresa 8, 28004 Madrid

I must confess that I had a tip-off for this one. Kinfolk magazine, a simply gorgeous publication written on 'the art of entertaining' featured Olivia Te Cuida in it's 3rd issue and ain't it a beauty. Monocle Issue 42 gave it thumbs up in their Spain Guide and Sherie Mujis also featured it on her blog back in January. It's a teeny tiny space (no joke) but it has the kind of homely feel where time slows, momentarily. Like visiting an old friend, Esther Campoy runs the restaurant with care and attention along with her sister and husband. And they do a smashing job.

Pretty pictures of Olivia Te Cuida from Kinfolk Magazine Vol. 3 - only my favourite quarterly! Source spartanjournal.com via Kinfolk on Pinterest

As always, we were wandering up and down Calle Santa Teresa trying to find the place. Inconspicuous and unassuming, we were met with a mere 3 tables in the café, two smaller ones by the window with single stems in vases and a larger central table 'adorned' with toasters, their power cords strung from the ceiling. The details are carefully considered and everything seems to work in perfect harmony.  

A beautiful fruit platter (left) and my standard order café con leche (right). Sad to say my coffee was burnt (again), but sugar makes everything better.

We were pretty lost at first, to say the least. It took us a while to realise that the condiments were for us to share (we ended up asking for some more tomato). The degustacíon part on the menu had us fooled haha. The freshly churned butter and homemade orange marmalade (peel central!) were a delight.  Happy days :)

I do hate to rant and rave but when has jam and toast ever tasted this good? I don't remember. The homemade element to this small meal makes it complete joy. The little DIY toasting is a brilliant idea - make it just as you like. The lady next to us burnt her toast to oblivion, we were momentarily stunk out in there, "Someone open the door?". The bread was so fresh that I didn't toast it at all actually (why spoil something so good?), there was a selection of rye and a white sourdough. Simple pleasures people.

Olivia's rendition of fruit & yoghurt muesli (left) and the soup of fresh fruits  (right). I love their tableware - organic, neutral and sometimes chipped. I was always curious about how Spain manages to have all these super exotic fruits at its disposal, then I thought "Oh yes, the old colonies" i.e. South America...

It's a small space yes, but they seem to be hitting all the right notes. Open only on weekdays from 0900-1800, Olivia Te Cuida is a café/restaurant with a whole lotta soul. Like a little oasis tucked away in the backstreets of Alonso Martinez, I felt ready to hit the ground running (window shopping should suffice :P).

Blink and you'll miss it! The entrance/shopfront: simple + elegant = yes pls

Part 2 is on its way ;)

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  1. OMG, I know I would LOVE that place! So beautiful in every teenie tiny detail. You make we wanna go there straight away!

  2. Oh, I love Kinfolk and this is now on my bucket list thanks to your :)!



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