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Saturday, 15 October 2011

You've got to love Sunday nights out in Surry Hills. Here we came for some not-so-posh nosh at the restaurant attached to The Carrington corner pub. It has recently undergone refurbishment and acquired a Spanish inspired tapas menu. Gotta love the share plates people. It's a great excuse to try a little bit of this and that...

Le dining room: pretty cosy. Maybe I'm just getting old but I found it to be quite noisy, especially as the punters became progressively more drunken. The pub carry-on was only a corridor away too. I'm not really used to shouting across a lil' 80cm table. Photo credit: Concrete Playground

Recommended: Morcilla stuffed squid with tomato salsa. That's black pudding to the uninitiated...YUM. There's your iron intake, sorted.
We ordered the squid along with Media Noche - a glorified ham and cheese toastie (unbeknownst to us) and the torn salt cod, olives & tomato Russian salad (good, but needed more leafy greens). And what's a Spanish meal without sangria? Breakfast.

The salad add-on following meat overload. Quite tasty, but more cress please! Photo credit: The Carrington
Churros con Chocolate i.e. chocolate dipped fat sticks. These were alright (a'ight), although they probably look better than they taste. They were fried to an absolute crisp, all shell and no fluffiness on the inside. They should take a leaf out of Donut Kings book... :o
How and why did Terry Durack rate this joint 15/20? I'm a bit puzzled myself, that is quite generous in my opinion. Granted, the food was passable 'pub grub' and the prices were reasonable. If you want real, authentic Spanish food (and not an Aussie rendition), hit up Liverpool St (THAT's where it's at). Over and out ;)


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